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The King's Theatre and the Theatre Royal are Scotland's leading live entertainment venues, showcasing the best West End and touring productions in the UK each and every year. 

The Citizens Theatre is based in Gorbals Glasgow, Scotland and is the principal producing theatre in the west of Scotland. The theatre includes a 500-seat Main arena The Citizens Theatre is internationally reputed for its repertoire,

The Pavilion Theatre is now the only privately run theatre in Scotland and one of a few unsubsidised independent theatres left in Britain. Since the 1930s, the Pavilion began to host pantomimes with top name stars of the Scottish variety scene. 

The Tron Theatre is located at the corner of Trongate and Chisholm Street, in the Merchant City area of Glasgow, Scotland. Michell Theatre Glasgow Built between 1972 and 1980 it stands on the grounds of what was once St. Andrew's Hall, retaining its front facade. The Mitchell Theatre


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